Hightower Elementary Homework Help

Looking for an easy way to help Hightower Elementary?! Dunwoody UMC supports our neighborhood school & is looking for your help.

Hightower Summer Camp Volunteers Needed

Hightower Homework Club needs adults and teens to help with summer camp. DUMC is responsible for crafts and volunteers for the week of June 4-8. The hours for the camp are 10:00 to 1:00 daily. It is a great activity to put on your College resume...and lots of fun! Hope to see you there! Please contact Carolyn Staley @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested.

After School Assistance Program Guidelines

These will be revised periodically with your suggestions to improve. Thank you for serving to help children with school.

  • Be on Time
  • Check in with the Homework Captain or the Staff member
  • Build a relationship with the children and other volunteers
  • Ensure the students have registered
  • 3 groups of volunteers:
    • 1. Homework assistance
    • 2. General skill building assistance
    • 3. Snack or recreational assistance
  • 1. Homework assistance:
    • This can be a group of students per volunteer in a classroom style.
    • Review the student's homework summary page. Look at specific needs of the day and note the special areas of focus.
    • Ask the student to explain the homework. This method allows communication & understanding.
    • We provide homework assistance in understanding and overseeing their homework. Allow the student to seek your help by asking questions.
    • Let them do their homework and then look it over asking them questions. If an area or problem is wrong, ask them to rethink their answer. If they cannot really do the problem, that is ok. The teacher needs to know that.
    • Make any helpful notes for the teacher on the HW summary page. Please add your initials.
  • 2. General skill building assistance
    • This task covers reading, math flash cards, and communication practice
    • This task can be one to one or one to 2 but requires a small ratio.
    • Reading assistance:
      • Let the student choose a book and read out loud a story working on annunciation, word meaning and speed of reading
      • Ask the student 3 questions to measure reading comprehension
        • 1. Who are the characters?
        • 2. What was the story about?
        • 3. How do you relate to the story, like the story or which character would you most likely be?
    • Math:
      • Students need repetition so we use flash cards on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have flash cards available. Practice each session looking at knowledge and speed. Most math tests involve time so after a couple of passes, time the student for completion.
      • Do flash cards multiple times. Let the students take a 5 minute break if needed but then try again. If certain numbers are hard, ensure they match with the student grade level expectations and note to the captain/leader.
    • Communication:
      • Sit with 1-3 students and develop dialog by practicing conversation. Ensure your questions are riot too personal.
  • 3. Snack or recreational assistance
    • We want the children to have healthy snacks and play safely,
    • Please coordinate with the leader if you are removing any student from the premises, for example going outside for recreational activities.