Reflections - Aug. 25, 2017

danby Rev. Dan Brown

I honestly don't know where to begin. So, let me just jump into the middle and pray you hear this from my heart as someone who is profoundly grateful for the kindness and caring of this congregation.

As many of you know, my 6-month old granddaughter, Meredith, is currently awaiting a liver transplant. We first learned she had biliary atresia approximately 5 weeks after her birth. By the time it came to our attention, a great deal of damage was already done to her liver.

From the moment this congregation learned of her condition you have reached out to Carol and me, and to Meredith's parents, Chris and Ashley. You have visited, brought food, asked about Meredith each week, and have constantly prayed for her.

My wife Carol is good about keeping people informed on Facebook. I have intentionally taken a lower-key-approach here at the Church. A pastor's relationship with a congregation is a complex one. I was sent here to be your shepherd, and while I know you care about us, I never want you to think I have become confused about our roles.

Truthfully, the other reason I have remained relatively quiet is because this is so close to my heart. I have great difficulty talking about it. Even now as I write these words, tears fill my eyes. I have spent my whole ministry encouraging people to talk about their feelings, but for the first time I understand those who say, "I just can't talk about it right now."
I would not be writing this, but for the fact, there are several people in this congregation who I respect greatly who have suggested it would be good for me to share a bit with you.

We do not know when Meredith will receive a transplant. Her condition continues to move her further and further up the transplant list, but for her to receive a transplant, somewhere some parents will grieve the loss of their child. While our family prays that Meredith's transplant comes soon, we pray for and hurt with the family who will experience sorrow at perhaps its most profound level.

Chris and Ashley are incredible parents, however each day as we wait, we feel the pain of the unknown, we are all sustained by the love of Christ, and we are encouraged by your kindness and prayers more than we could ever put into words.

The words, "Thank You" cannot begin to scratch the surface of what we feel, but I pray you sense that behind them are hurting hearts that are still overflowing with gratitude. Again, thank you!


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