Reflections November 17, 2017

I'm Grateful

danAs you know, next week is Thanksgiving.  Some will go out of town.  Others will stay at home.  Some will gather with their families and friends.  For others it will be a quiet day.  Regardless of how we celebrate, one thing it can be for all of us is a time to reflect on those things for which we have to be grateful.


As I think about my life, I have so much for which to be grateful; I could never begin to fit it all into this article.  That said, I want to share a few of the things for which I will be offering a prayer of gratitude.


Near the top of my list will be a profound sense of gratitude for the support of family, friends, and this Church this past year.  On a very personal level, this year was the single most difficult year of my life.  Yet, so many of you reached out to my family and me.  You encouraged us, comforted us, and prayed for my granddaughter.  Today, we are looking back on her liver transplant and so far she is doing remarkably well, but there were dark days along the way, and you were there to remind us that we are held in the hands of a loving God.  I could never begin to tell you what you mean to us.


I am grateful for what I believe is a bright future that stands in front of us.  By now, you have no doubt heard that on Monday night the Charge Conference unanimously approved the plans for our Sanctuary Worship Enhancement project.  A little over a year ago, I asked Bob Preston if he would consider putting together a few sketches of what it might look like if we made a few enhancements to our Sanctuary.  He took that invitation as a mission and along with the Building Committee has brought us to a place where an exciting future is opening up before us.


I am grateful for the incredible generosity of this congregation.  Four months ago, we set out on a capital campaign to raise $5.6 million dollars over and above regular giving.  Given all of the challenges before us, it seemed like an almost impossible goal at the outset.  However, under the leadership of Chairpersons Neal Purcell and Sean Taylor and the Capital Campaign Committee, as of Wednesday of this week, 650 families had committed more than $6 million.


I am grateful for this congregation’s deep commitment to missions.  Today, there are hungry children who will have a meal to eat because of this Church.  There are people facing the reality of divorce who receive care through this Church.  There are people living in homes that were built by members of this Church.  And this Church is the recipient of a mission endowment of $500,000 because of a gift by members of this Church.  This is only a sample of all that happens because people in this congregation have heard the call of Christ, “Who will go for us?”  (Isaiah 6:8).  What a joy it is to be a part of something larger than yourself.


As I say, the list could go on and on, but most of all, I am grateful that many years ago a gracious God dared to whisper in my ear inviting me into a relationship that continues to transform my life from what I am into what God sees in me.  Thanks for allowing me to share part of that journey with you.




Rev. Dan Brown
Senior Pastor


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