Giving Options

Thank you for considering a planned gift to Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund to help ensure the future ministry of Dunwoody United Methodist Church. The Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund can help you determine which type of gift is the best fit for your charitable giving goals and financial objectives. Below is a description of some of the many ways you can give.


Ways to Give

  1. Retirement Plan Assets (IRA)
  2. Stock
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Charitable Bequests: Last Will and Testament or Living / Revocable Trust
  5. Memorial Gifts
  6. Cash
  7. Charitable Remainder Trust
  8. Charitable Gift Annuity
  9. John Wesley Legacy Society

1. Retirement Plan Assets (IRA)

A retirement plan is one of the best types of assets to transfer to the Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund following death because of the income tax consequence. Most inherited assets are free from income tax. However, an heir will pay income tax on disbursements from a decedent's retirement plan such as a profit sharing plan, Section 401(k) plan or IRA. If you are going to make a charitable bequest, it is usually better to transfer assets subject to income tax to a tax-exempt charity – such as the Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund – and to transfer assets not subject to income tax to heirs.

2. Stock

A gift of stock is one of the easiest methods to make a gift. If the stock has appreciated, the donor not only avoids the capital gains tax on the appreciation but also receives a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock at the time of contribution.

3. Life Insurance

Giving life insurance as a gift to charity allows even those with modest means to leave a substantial contribution to the cause most meaningful to them. A gift of life insurance is a deferred gift, which means the proceeds from a commitment made now will be realized in the future. Donors often struggle between their desires to achieve philanthropic goals and their need to preserve their estates for their families. A gift of life insurance can eliminate this conflict.

In addition to gifting an existing life insurance policy, a new life insurance policy can be purchased from your life insurance professional naming the DUMC Endowment Fund as owner and beneficiary. The initial premium payment plus subsequent insurance premium payments made by the donors are deductible as charitable contributions. A gift of insurance will not reduce your current stream of income.

4. Charitable Bequests: Last Will and Testament or Living / Revocable Trust

Including a charitable bequest as a part of your will is a great way for you to provide long-term support for the Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund while also effectively managing your estate. Making a charitable bequest is easy. If you want to leave a bequest to the Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund, you must specifically do so in a will or trust. Your will or personal trusts are legal records of your wishes regarding how your assets should be handled at your death. Instructions regarding the dispensation of your assets are called bequests.

Charitable bequests are not subject to estate or inheritance taxes, therefore reducing the tax burden of an estate. Charitable bequests also provide flexibility because they may be changed at any time. Your estate will be entitled to a charitable deduction for the full, fair market value of your gift. The Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund can assist you and your attorney with standard legal language necessary to establish your charitable bequest.

5. Memorial Gifts

There are several ways to memorialize those dear to you. Gifts may be made to the DUMC Endowment Fund in memory of deceased persons, to honor living persons, or to commemorate anniversaries or other special events.

6. Cash

If you desire to contribute to DUMC Endowment Fund anytime during life, please contact the Church Business Office to discuss your charitable intent. Donors who give during life get to see the benefits of their gifts and realize the tax benefits of giving.

7. Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is an efficient estate planning vehicle. It is a special type of trust that provides for and maintains two sets of beneficiaries. The first set are the income beneficiaries (you and, if married, a spouse). Income beneficiaries receive a set percentage of income for life or for a fixed term not to exceed 20 years from the trust. The second beneficiary would be the Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund which would receive the principal of the trust after the income beneficiaries pass away.

8. Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a way for you to receive a guaranteed income for life and an immediate income tax deduction, while at the same time leaving a legacy to the Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund.

When you transfer assets to a Charitable Gift Annuity, you receive a fixed stream of income for life. After paying the lifetime annuity to you – and your spouse, if you choose – the remaining principal is transferred to the Dunwoody United Methodist Church Endowment Fund.

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