The UMW Book Club selects books from the UMW Reading Program. The selected books are chosen to increase our sensitivity to all human needs, to encourage critical thinking about issues facing us today and to strengthen our involvement in our church's local and global missions. You are invited to attend one or all of future meetings.

January - Education for Mission Category: Boundless by Bryan Bishop

Through colorful first hand accounts, the author explores fresh experiences of faith from American youth, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Native Americans who are experiencing and following Jesus outside the boundaries of traditional Western Christianity.

Discussion Leader: Mary Batson

Meeting Date: January 9th at the home of Margy Hodgson at 7:00 p.m.

2016-2017 UMW Officers

President: Sheryl Winton
Vice President: Melanie Williams
Secretary: Karen Bass
Treasurer: Betty Knight
Spiritual Growth: Jae Oden
Education & Interpretation: JoAnn Akers
Membership: Barbara Giametta
Public Relations: Ann Stone
Program Resources: Shirley Layne
Social Action: Chris Cox
Nominating Committee: Joan Gill/ Barbara Anchors
Methodist Children's
Home liaison: Kenney Linton
Murphy Harpst Home liaison: 
Bette Whitley
Scrapbook Coordinator:
Linda Danysh
Yearbook Coordinator:
Linda Podger-Williams
Balancing Act:
Dawn Hutchinson
Bible Study:
Ruth Ellen Wilkinson
Family Living & Giving:
Peggy Marshall/Marion Lifsey
GraceTime: Amber Rowe
Heart & Home: 
Margy Hodgson
Moms on the Grow: 
Leigh Cohen/ Casey Drake
New Horizons in Christ:
Sharon Conway
Personal Growth & Sharing:
Betty Ringley
Serving Together:
Ann Stone/ Ruth Hewitt
Spiritual Growth:
Esther Randolph
Working Women's Network:
Shirley Layne/ AmlieLewis





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