How to Make School Transitions Positive

Tips for Parents of Preschoolers:

How to Make School Transitions Positive

Kelly Gfroerer, Ph.D., LPC

Certified Positive Discipline Classroom Educator

As the school year gets under way, if your child is sometimes tearful as he or she transitions in carpool or drop off, rest assured many preschool-age children have some difficulty transitioning from home to school. A few tips for helping make this transition positive for your young child include:

  1. 1.Develop a well-established routine in the mornings.
  2. 2.Implement an earlier bedtime to allow for plenty of rest for your child’s new school schedule.
  3. 3.If your child cries or expresses feelings of worry, use words of encouragement. (For example, “Your teacher, Mrs. ____ is looking forward to spending time with you today.”)
  4. 4.Validate your child’s feelings. (For example, “It is hard to say goodbye sometimes.”)
  5. 5.Give your child focused attention during the drive to school.
  6. 6.Talk to your child about his or her daily routine.

A few parent resources that you may find helpful that are highlighted in the tips above include:

Positive Discipline and Positive Discipline A-Z by Jane Nelson.

As a Positive Discipline Classroom and Parent Educator, I will be doing several programs at Dunwoody Methodist throughout the year focused on Positive Discipline for Preschoolers. Please look for announcements and emails for upcoming programs. On November 11th I will be speaking at the Moms on the Grow Meeting.

Here’s to a great start the school year!

Kelly Gfroerer, Ph.D., LPC, 


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